It’s your passion I can feel when I step into your class. Thank you for sharing your lovely spirit, knowledge and love for a deeper understanding of yoga. I love the focus and the mindfulness. Your teaching is truly inspirational – it made me a better person and athlete. I can’t wait to be back in your class!

Julia Dujmovits - Austria

I am very grateful and fortunate to be able to practice yoga with Karin Kuhn (for three years now). Karin is a brilliantly skilled, enthusiastic and patient yoga instructor. I have always been impressed by her deep and vast knowledge of yoga. She personally and expertly shares her knowledge of anatomy, philosophy and spiritualism to all of her students. She enthusiastically guides her (more…)

Helen Leerman

There is so much need today for grounding! Yoga can be the medicine our mind, body and spirit are looking for but it takes a great teacher like Karin Kuhn to hold space for students to attune. Karin is a blessing to yoga students as her classes are meticulously sequenced and paced, her language is clean and precise, she takes the time to align students carefully before transitioning in and (more…)

Becca Greenband

Karin mastery of the art and science of yoga, and her deep passion for yoga comes through in each and every class she teaches.  I am so deeply grateful to have found a teacher who is so dedicated and devoted to her students, and to the practice of yoga in its fullest expression.  I truly am not sure I knew how to do ANY yoga poses properly before I found Karin. After only a few months of (more…)

Amy Unrau

“Inspired”, is the first word that comes to mind as a student of Karin’s for over 3 years now. Her practice and teachings she shares are uplifting and also grounded in the practicality of living yoga day by day. She has taught me not only how to trust myself and my strength, but also to take leaps of faith and trust the faith zone…on the mat and in the world. Everyday I am grateful for my friend, my teacher, my sister!

Taylor Binda

I have been with Karin for many years and besides being the most knowledgable teacher about anatomy and the human body in general, what strikes me the most is her personality and how she makes everybody feel so welcome to her class. She will always help you with any issue of pain that you have and give you exercises to do at home. I love that she wants to spend time with her students and go for coffee afterwards with you.

Silvia Millet

After 16 years practicing yoga in various locales; mainly Maui and California, I have come to a deep and abundant love for one special senseii/teacher – Karin Kuhn. She embodies the wisdom, light, and love of the yoga practice in all it’s forms; while staying essentially grounded as a warm, funny, and incredibly approachable human being! She takes the serious practice of the physical (more…)

Jeana Hahn

I absolutely love Karin Kuhn. She is a fabulous instructor with her own unique style, therapeutic approach, and is extremely detail oriented! What I love most about her teaching style is that she will check in with you during the practice to make sure you are addressing issue areas and holding the posture correctly. I appreciate that she takes her classes in a direction that reflects the needs and wants of the participants. Karin helped me learn how to manage my body, and taught me how to keep myself grounded/aware during stressful weeks, and in every moment of every day. There is a magic to practicing in her class. Know that you will be guided in ways that may challenge your body, but do not hurt it. You will feel healthy and peaceful just by walking into one of her classes.

Aaron Machado Snodgrass

Karin always brings a fresh perspective, newness, passion and inspiration to her yoga classes and Yoga Teacher Trainings.  On a personal level she is an incredibly warm, loving and caring individual who loves connecting with her students on and off the mat.  We often go out for coffee after class.  A class with Karin is not just a yoga class – but an “event”.  She welcomes all of her student’s into her ohana (family) with open arms.  I feel very blessed to know Karin.  I would recommend her classes/privates/teacher trainings to everyone!

Lani Diacono

I am deeply grateful to be a student of Karin. The physical practice has given me more strength than I ever knew I could develop.  Her instruction teaches me proper aliment that allows me to go deeper into each asana and lets me feel so great in my body and about my body.  Most importantly, I feel physically healed each and everyday by this practice. The discipline and attention to detail that I crave is always there to keep me present. Karin’s teaching has given me the to ability to find mental freedom and ease off the mat.  I am inspired by Karin’s teaching to stay the course, and to keep showing up and giving my best.  Witnessing her investment in me as a student shows me that I am infinitely held and cared for.  Every day after I practice with Karin, my heart is filled with happiness and gratitude. I have been blessed with a true gift to be able to practice with Karin daily.

Rachel Tarver

If you are looking for a very safe, precise, educated and positive teacher, giving you well built sequences, safe and clear verbal instructions, constant, but gentle and valuable pointers throughout class, look no further! Karin is a sunshine and rare gem in the ever growing yoga world of fast track wanna be teachers.

Claudia Ledesma - Hawaii

Karin ‘s understanding of the foundation of yoga, the yoga sutras, sanskrit, pranayama and asana, inform her classes, allowing for depth, precision, and openhearted practice. Morning classes are the highlight of my week.

Kabba Anand

Clear! Knowledgeable! Precise but Forgiving! She has all what teachers need to have. I started my Yoga practice in my late 40’s but many times  I was reluctant to practice until I met  Karin! She finally made me understand the right meaning of Yoga. I have been always trying to improve my body but keep failing. Now, I do Yoga everyday! Yes. It transformed my body but that was just a small part. It is transforming my life in every dimension. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart.

Asami Suzuki - Japan

Karin lives the beautiful yoga she teaches. Absolutely everything about her – from warm hugs for her students to how fiercely she loves her family and friends, from her halcyon presence to her passion for knowledge of the body, from her velvety rich voice to her own high standards and ever-evolving practice – makes her the perfect medium for the healing teachings of yoga. Karin is real, she is kind and she cares so much for her students. It’s a privilege to have her in my life.

Meghan Mutrie - Canada

I like Karin’s classes because of her good vibes and permanent will to help her students. I never had another teacher before her but I think I made the right choice!

Ben Shoval - Israel

Going to Karin’s class is such a gift. You know you are going to work hard on yourself in everyway!  The mind-body connection is always well established! I have so much confidence in her teaching and knowledge, that I simply close my eyes, open my heart and enjoy the ride!

Nadia LeFebvre - Canada

This summer I started yoga with Karin. I did some lessons before in the Netherlands but I must say that I never experienced such good yoga lessons before. Karin is a expert to bring the right vibe during the lessons. The lessons are pretty intensive because beside the stretch exercises you do a lot of exercises like push ups. You feel after every session stronger and stretched. It helped me a lot for my kitesurfing. And she helps you really good with completing the exercises. Also if you struggle or have a injury she is there!

Steyn Muller - Netherlands