Jeana Hahn

Jeana Hahn 150 150 Maha Yoga & Wellness

After 16 years practicing yoga in various locales; mainly Maui and California, I have come to a deep and abundant love for one special senseii/teacher – Karin Kuhn. She embodies the wisdom, light, and love of the yoga practice in all it’s forms; while staying essentially grounded as a warm, funny, and incredibly approachable human being! She takes the serious practice of the physical and combines it with a studied, but graceful & concise program of fluid and aligned movement, incorporated with the ever constant encouragement for the prana flow of breath. Her informative and frequent textbook referrals to the bodies’ specific muscles/bones/ligaments, etc. go a step beyond most teachings; and I am awed and amazed at her intrinsic knowledge of the human anatomy. With a deep and genuine spiritual awareness, and her compassion & empathy for all living beings, Karin is the guidance I strive to live up to, and look forward to coming back to; even when my life’s journey takes me away from her everyday teachings! To paraphrase; Karin gives me the incentive & encouragement to become a more accomplished ‘yogi’ and a kinder & more fulfilled human being.