Amy Unrau

Amy Unrau 150 150 Maha Yoga & Wellness

Karin mastery of the art and science of yoga, and her deep passion for yoga comes through in each and every class she teaches.  I am so deeply grateful to have found a teacher who is so dedicated and devoted to her students, and to the practice of yoga in its fullest expression.  I truly am not sure I knew how to do ANY yoga poses properly before I found Karin. After only a few months of dedicated practice with Karin, I am free from shoulder pain and feel free of fear and confident in my ability to go deeper into my practice than I ever thought possible. Her continual reminders to her students about personal responsibility inspires me to always show up and be my best self.  Her graceful ability to weave the profound teachings of yoga seamlessly into her classes always leaves me feeling humbled, inspired, and more full of love and joy each day. I am truly grateful for her dedication to her students and for being able to study with a master of yoga.