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Booking a private class can offer so many benefits! Here are some reasons why you may wish to invest in yourself!

Can’t find a class that suits your schedule?

Not everyone works a 9-5pm! Practice at a time that suits your schedule and your energy level

New to yoga?

  • Learn the foundational poses (and their names) that you will find in most classes
  • Learn how to use props and variations appropriate to you
  • Build your confidence for group classes

Have an injury?

  • Learn how to work with props and variations/modifications to feel safe in a group class and to participate confidently
  • Learn how to use the poses to support your rehabilitation program
  • Learn a sequence for your personal practice at home that will allow you to recover faster

Cross train for your sport

Many sports have highly habitual movement patterns that result in muscular imbalances and the potential for joint dysfunction and even pain or injury.  Developing a personal practice that addresses areas of tightness, weakness and/or imbalances will keep you injury free and even able to perform at higher levels!

Looking to advance your practice?

  • Learn how to create a sequence for your personal  practice
  • Work towards more challenging poses
  • Add pranayama, kriyas and mudras to your practice
  • Discover the power of restorative poses
  • Explore the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a doorway to greater Self Knowledge