MAHA Yoga is the signature teaching style and methodology of KARIN KUHN.

Karin’s approach to sharing the practice has been influenced by her teachers, evolved over almost 20 years of teaching and energized by her personal commitment to meet her students where they are in their practice and lives.

Her classes offer a unique learning environment for students to experience yoga as a practice that supports health & wellbeing of body, mind and soul!

Her additional certifications in Personal Training and Corrective Exercise brings a strong focus on intelligent sequencing and the use of props, variations and suitable progressions so that students may take ownership of their personal practice and progress safely at their own pace.

Teaching, rather than merely instructing, she offers precise verbal instruction and gentle adjustments while still encouraging deeper exploration of the practice beyond physical poses.

Karin shares her passionate understanding of all aspects of the practice, physical, energetic and spiritual, with grace and humor. She believes in creating a class environment that supports a balance between serious studentship as well as lots of hugs and laughter.

Karin teaches primarily on her home island of Maui, Hawaii on the famous North Shore, which is renowned for its beaches, hiking, water sports of all kinds and YOGA.  Maui draws an eclectic mix of people from around the world who appreciate the near perfect weather, healthy lifestyle, fresh food, outdoor living and aloha spirit – all of which support the yogic lifestyle and practices.

Maui Yoga Wellness Retreats


I teach people, not poses.

I recognize your individuality and honor your unique expression of the practice.

I hold a space for self reflection as opposed to the constant seeking of perfection.

I believe that yoga is a lifelong journey and our classrooms are our playgrounds and laboratories where we get to make magic happen!

I believe that learning and growing is FUN!

I  commit to always being and doing my best as your teacher, through ongoing study and personal practice.


You will be made to feel welcome, and part of a beautiful community of students from all around the world.

You will feel physically and emotionally safe, supported, and respected.

You will receive classes that are carefully sequenced, mindful, and steady in their pacing.

You will receive clear instruction on how to do the poses safely as well as personal feedback to assist you in deepening your practice.

You will learn how to use props, variations and progressions to tailor the practice to your needs on the day.

You will be encouraged and appropriately challenged.

You may receive gentle and appropriate adjustments that help you find greater alignment and ease in the pose.

You will leave feeling nourished, relaxed, confident and inspired

You will laugh! And you might even cry…..

You will have the opportunity to make new friends!

We invite you to join us and become a part of our ohana (family).