You know health and self care is important but you aren’t sure exactly how that looks or works in your busy, real life

You have lots of things demanding your time, attention and energy – and are not sure how to fit in ANOTHER item on your checklist

You are ready to take action but are not sure how to do it on your own

You need help staying the distance – starting is not your challenge, making it over the finish line is

You are tired of the information overload (self help books, another checklist, another recipe ebook,) and you want come up with real life simple, easy to apply actions and habits that work for you.


to sleep better, stress less, have more energy and feel good in your body

to show up confidently and enthusiastically in life

to build resilience to life’s ups and down

to achieve your big dreams and know being healthy will help you achieve them

to show up in bigger and better ways and be an inspiration to your family, friends and community

to make better choices and cultivate better habits that set you up for success

to be productive and better manage your time and energy in a day

to receive support, motivation and accountability in reaching your goals

maximize your performance, live to your potential and play full out in work-love-play


get clear on what you really want, and WHY!

design a compelling and exciting WELL-LIFE VISION

clarify your values so you can take aligned action and make better choices

work through what is in the way and holding you back

activate and optimize your strengths, experiences and resources

break free of old outdated beliefs and behaviors

identify and navigate blindspots

build a powerfully positive mindset towards thriving

maximize motivation needed to make real, sustainable change

push through procrastination

optimize your daily habits and behaviors for lasting results

learn how to reframe failures to opportunities

create the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for whole-person whole-life health

generate greater resilience to overwhelm and burnout


My journey into coaching

I started working with my first life coach in my early 30’s (long before coaching was as mainstream as it is today).  Over the years I have worked with life coaches, business coaches and health coaches.  Each one has always shown up at the right time and helped me move into and through different stages and towards goals that I know I would never have achieved as quickly or confidently on my own.

They asked me powerful questions, got me to think deeply about what I really wanted, helped me create a powerful compelling vision that got me over the humps and setbacks that come with bigger dreams, held me accountable to what I agreed to take action on and high-5’d me each time I reached a milestone.

I felt seen, heard, supported, validated and encouraged in a way I couldn’t with family, friends or colleagues and this invited me to keep growing into a bigger and better version of myself.  I share this with you because I want you to know that I have been where you are, and that coaching has helped me and I know it can certainly help you.


I coach people, not problems

I coach fiercely – with a big heart that sees you as capable, resourceful and whole

I recognize YOU as the expert in your own life – you know yourself best and know the answers to your challenges

I know you are always doing your best

Everything is figureoutable – an answer can always be found if we apply curiosity and creativity and are willing to experiment without judgement

Change is exciting!

Be willing to fail forward

Risk can be managed – calculated risk pushes you out of your comfort zone and that where the magic happens

Reasons or excuses? Know the difference

Fear is usually the underlying energy that gets in the way – lets be fearless together!

Don’t believe everything you think!

Our bodies never lie

Emotions and feelings are powerful – learn to listen to them


We will meet over zoom (I love to work face to face) or over the phone.  Our sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length (although lazer focused sessions can be arranged as needed).

Initially we will work together in a 3 month (12 session) program.

Why 3 months?

  • Getting really clear on your dreams and who you need to become to achieve them can take time – time for reflection, clarification, and visualization.
  • Changing beliefs, mindset and deep rooted habits that hold you back also takes time.
  • Putting in place the resources, relationships and skills takes time.
  • It gives you the time to design and experiment with goals, strategies and actions that work for you and set you up for success.  Build on whats working and let go of what’s not.
  • It gives us the time needed to build a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and good rapport so that we can show up for each other in the best way and I can become the best coach for you.


In the days between our weekly in person sessions you will be completing coaching exercises, assessments, assignments and workbooks,  journaling, reflecting – and of course taking action on your goals for the week.

But remember – YOU will always set the agenda, decide on the topic for the week based on where and how you need support, choose your goals and decide on the way you want to be supported and held accountable.  I will be your “guide by your side” and will NEVER tell you what to do, how to do or by when.  You are fully in control of the process and the outcomes and the success lies fully with you!

At the end of our initial program we will review your progress, and should you wish to continue we will redesign the details of our coaching agreement and continue to meet according to the schedule that best serves your new goals and needs.



Investing you in is the best investment you will ever make!

Payment is done up front to secure your coaching spot in my calendar but also to ensure you have some “skin in the game” and are really committed to showing up for yourself.  I only coach people who are ready to take action and change their lives.

If you feel that you and I would make a great team and you are ready to take action then I look forward to booking your  complimentary 30 min clarity call to get clear on when we can start making magic happen!

Call +1 808 870 7577