Heavens above!

Heavens above! 1024 668 Maha Yoga & Wellness

Friday July 27th 2018 was a powerful day!!! Did you feel the intensity???

A Full Moon occurs each month when the Sun and Moon are opposite one another. They always hold powerful energy. You can literally see it is the brightness of the night sky, where even the darkest places feel illuminated! If you walk the beaches the full moon tides tend to bring to shore hidden treasures that usually stay further out to sea. You can sense an inner wildness that invites us to stand outside in the moonlight and howl at the moon, tapping into a more primal energy within. We can feel disturbed and restless and out of sorts, pulled and tugged in ways that feel hard to define. We might even feel like we are off centre or things are about to spin out of control.

And this full moon was even more intense than usual being a Blood Moon lunar eclipse, and the longest of the century!

In a lunar eclipse, which happens approximately twice a year, the Sun, Moon and Earth precisely align. As the Moon passes into the Earth’s shadow, the light that the Moon reflects from the Sun is temporarily blocked, or eclipsed. However, not all lunar eclipses are created equal. Sometimes, the Moon just brushes the edge of Earth’s shadow. But other times, the Moon passes right through the heart of the deepest shade, called the umbra. During these total lunar eclipses, sunlight, shining through the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere – the entire world’s sunrises and sunsets – tinges the Moon a bloody, red hue.

In general, eclipses are omens that herald acceleration, deep change and world evolution.

We may find ourselves ready to release old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us and free ourselves from that which feels dysfunctional, harmful or even toxic. It could take the form of decluttering your home, giving up a bad habit, making a lifestyle adjustment or something bigger like ending a relationship, changing your job, moving house or even relocating.

These changes are often things we have been working to manifest and eclipse energy is said to help us along as it pushes and pulls, recalibrating our lives accordingly.

According to Vedic astrology, this eclipse falls near the auspicious Abhijit, the 22th nakshatra or lunar mansion in the Indian astrology system.   Abhijit means “the Victorious” or “the One who cannot be defeated” and can signal a time to overthrow old habits and outdated beliefs, let go of the past, and reorganize your life.

Eclipses can invite us to become masters of manifesting. We can think big and take leaps towards reaching our goals!

During an eclipse, our spiritual awareness, thoughts, intentions, and manifestations are believed to be amplified and so it is vital that we remain aware of what we are thinking about, saying, or hoping for as it all may manifest quickly into reality.

To add to all this intense full moon energy, this lunar eclipse lay only a degree away from the red-planet of war, Mars, which is closest to the earth and brighter than it’s been since 2003, when he was at its closest approach to the Earth in 70,000 years.

Since May, fiery and willful, warrior Mars has been retrograde and growing in magnitude, forewarning of hot weather and shocking events, like volcanoes, storms, fires and human conflict.  The volcanic eruptions on our neighbor island of Hawaii come first to mind!

But Mars is also armed with a fearless drive for spiritual growth and empowerment giving us the warrior energy to take positive steps towards personal change.

This lunar Eclipse will also be in a section of Capricorn called Shravana, the “star of learning.” This Vedic star gives a keen power of observation, listening, and empowerment through education, qualities which we need when making changes in a direction which are sustainable and self nurturing.

The goddess Saraswati, who plays a musical instrument called the Veena, resides in Shravana. It is said that the sound of her music dissolves the mind and raises the soul of the listener to heaven.

When feeling off balance, out of sorts, a little confused and ready to change, then taking the time to come to our yoga mat or meditation cushion can bring a sense of steadiness and familiarity that allows us to reconnect to our centre.

Taking time for self reflection can bringing us back to our hearts, opening us to the wisdom within that brings insight and clarity in how best to move forward.

Our practice can spark the creative energy that allows us to imagine and then birth into existence the changes we wish to see in our lives!

On the mat we develop focus and determination and cultivate the faith in ourselves that builds the courage we need to move forward. By identifying the ways we procrastinate and releasing self limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors we can amaze ourselves at how quickly our lives can transform!

Our yoga practice reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things and the fact that we are a part of the greater cosmos and all her elements. Being mindful of how we are communicating our dreams and desires will allow those around us, including the universe, to support us on our path of change towards living a life of purpose and joy!